How to keep your wardrobe organised

Sometimes it can feel like you have nothing to wear but at the same time too many clothes in a wardrobe. Relatable? Learn few tricks how tokeep better track of your clothes and organise your closet space better.

Group your clothes by type and colour 

Keep all your shirts together, sorted by colours and shades. Apply the same rule to every other piece of clothing. If you sort your clothes like that it will allow you to choose your outfit faster and easier.

Get hanging organisers

For all the items that you don’t want to hang on a hanger, like purses or sweatshirts, you can store them folded but still visibly displayed.

Take advantage of door space

To optimise all the space in your room, over-the-door-storage can be a good solution for hanging scarves or coats. You can find many different versions of it, allowing you to choose the one fitting your needs.


For all small items, such as socks and underwear, you can find different sized baskets to keep them in one place. You can also get labels or stickers to help you keep track what’s where.

Shoes in place

If you like to keep choose your outfit and shoes in the same place a good option is a shoe storage. You can find racks or boxes, depending on your preferences.


29/11/2017 by Roxanne Testa


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