Colourful Living Room

Living room ideas for summer

Alongside with hot weather we tend to need more space and fewerthings around us. Hence, summer is a great time for little refurbishing and changing of surroundings. Where to start? Check our list and get inspired for better summer.

Bring more colours
Especially light and pastel colours go perfectly with warm weather. They bring more light and joyful atmosphere, helping you to relax and keep calm even when you feel like boiling.

Flowy curtains
White flowy curtains can make you feel like you’re on some tropical island, especially if you attach them to your hammock. But they are also great for indoor. Having a room with a little breeze which makes them gracefully flow with the wind can be a really nice touch.

Get more plants
Plans not only give you oxygen but also bring good ambient to a room. If you’re afraid it’s too much of a hassle, get ones which don’t require too much water or attention.

Bring furniture outdoor
If you have possibility, create some shadow and bring your furniture outside. It might be too hot to spend there a whole day, but for sure you can at least enjoy your meals with a fresh air and a view.

Create a napping place
Dealing with +30 degrees can be very exhausting for the body. You might need a quick power nap now and then and there is no need to climb up your bed for that. Arrange a nice space in your living room or better - on a terrace, with shadow and fresh air. Fill it up with a mattress and pillows and enjoy dreaming big.


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