Bauhaus Dessau

Timeless designs we owe to Bauhaus

Bauhaus was started in Germany in 1923. The idea was to combine art and technology and make it available to everyone. School had to be closed due to political pressure in 1933, however, it never died.

Interior and graphic design were heavily influenced by Bauhaus and it inspired and still inspires many artists.

See the list of the most recognisable designs from Bauhaus

Wassily Chair
Created by Marcel Breuer, the chair is still manufactured and can be found in many houses around the world. Simple design, combining seamless steel bent tubing and leather, lightweight and easy to manufacture stormed the market.

Nesting Tables
Combining minimalistic style and love for colours, Josef Albers created a set of accent tables.  Made of oak and lacquered acrylic glass, with each table having different colour and size.

The Chess Set
Bauhaus chess set was designed in 1922 by Josef Hartwig. It’s a great example of innovation and creativity. Each piece is carefully designed and charms with simplicity and modernization.

The Bauhaus Lamp
It’s the most recognisable lighting fixture of Bauhaus. Created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1924 still holds the title of iconic modern design. Simplicity in shape and materials used makes is functional and economical.


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