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  • Outdoor furniture
    19/06/2017 - Haus Malta 0 Comments
    New collection of outdoor furniture

    We are happy to announce new collection of outdoor furnitures coming up 1st of August. 

    Chairs, tables and conversion sets by known and loved Bay Isle Home will transform your garden into beautiful spa resort where stress is strictly forbidden.

    You can check out our online gallery to have a sneak peek of what’s coming up. If you wish to pre-order, get in touch with our sales department to learn more about delivery options.
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  • Colourful Living Room
    19/06/2017 - Haus Malta 0 Comments
    Living room ideas for summer

    Alongside with hot weather we tend to need more space and fewerthings around us. Hence, summer is a great time for little refurbishing and changing of surroundings. Where to start? Check our list and get inspired for better summer.

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  • wardrobe
    19/06/2017 - Haus Malta 1 Comment
    How to keep your wardrobe organised

    Sometimes it can feel like you have nothing to wear but at the same time too many clothes in a wardrobe. Relatable? Learn few tricks how tokeep better track of your clothes and organise your closet space better.

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  • Bauhaus Dessau
    19/06/2017 - Haus Malta 0 Comments
    Timeless designs we owe to Bauhaus

    Bauhaus was started in Germany in 1923. The idea was to combine art and technology and make it available to everyone. School had to be closed due to political pressure in 1933, however, it never died.

    Interior and graphic design were heavily influenced by Bauhaus and it inspired and still inspires many artists.

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